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Medical Prosthetist

Prosthetics for children 

Our prostheses are manufactured with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. 

Our aim remains to improve your child’s quality of life and make him or her truly happy.

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We manufacture custom-silicone-liners increasing your child's comfort.

Does your child experience:

Pressure on bony prominences?

A loose or tight-fitting silicone liner?

Excessive perspiration?

Durability issues with your liner?

Residual volume fluctuations throughout the day?

Our patient feedback indicates that when making use of our custom-silicone-liners, most of these issues are reduced or eliminated.

Learn more about how we change lives.

We are passionate to find creative solutions to enable amputees to live a life of comfort. Our attention to detail and perfection is non-negotiable in our strive to change each individual’s disability to ability.

Our heritage, 3d scanning process and truly custom product will give you a solution that makes you live your life to your full potential

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