About Us

Marco du Plooy is an innovative Medical Prosthetic Manufacturer based in Pretoria, South Africa. Through total attention to detail and open, transparent communication, we connect with amputees and strive to put every customer in a position where they can reach their full potential.

Amputation is a daunting prospect but in reality, it needn’t be detrimental to anyone’s ability to continue their profession, live a fulfilling family life, conduct perfectly healthy relationships or reach personal goals. Part of our business is addressing concerns and providing products that allow our customers to attain full control over their lives.

We make use of state-of-the-art modern technology during manufacturing, fitting and rehabilitation. We aim to address all related aspects, thus reducing downtime and frustration for you to continue your life.

These days there are a variety of products, materials, designs and comfortable fittings that provide lightweight, durable and highly functional prostheses that are created to meet every kind of lifestyle requirement. Most prosthetic silicone liners are custom-made to ensure an optimal fit. Prosthetic sockets are manufactured using 3D scanning technology.

Whatever your personal goals – whether climbing Kilimanjaro, partaking in sporting activities or just an active family life – we can provide a solution that leaves you confident, safe and comfortable.

Our team has catered for amputee customers from all over Africa, and our facilities are top-notch. If you have any questions about medical aid, workman’s compensation, Road Accident Fund or any prosthetic manufacturing or fitment matters, please give us a call and our highly qualified team will have answers.

From Disability to Ability.

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