When you visit our facilities, the first thing you will notice is our personal-service-touch. We emphasize relationships and build long-term friendships. We have been the forerunners in the South African market in manufacturing and supplying custom silicone suspension liners and 3D technology.

Custom Prosthetics

All custom prosthetic products are manufactured on-site. If we need to adjust or alter the prosthesis it can be done quickly and accurately.

Prosthetic Care

We believe that most amputees can reach a normal functional level providing they are fitted with the correct prosthesis and undergo adequate prosthetic training. If you need balance, prosthetic or any physical training we have a biokineticist available to guide you through the necessary training.

Running Clinic

From time to time we offer running clinics to our patients. These events are full of fun and also filled with information about physical stretching techniques that you can use at home. We work closely with an experienced biokineticist to ensure optimal results.

After Care

A biokineticist/physiotherapist who is educated and experienced in the field of amputee rehabilitation will be able to assist you in reaching your physical goals. We work closely with such a specialist. These sessions can be done at our practice where prosthetic adjustments can be made, should your activity level or range of motion increase.

chAMP Program

It can happen that child amputees outgrow their prosthetic limbs. Our chAMP initiative is there to assist the parents and the child amputee. Once we have manufactured a prosthesis and successfully claimed from a medical aid, we commit ourselves to maintain, repair or replace the prosthesis until such time as a claim can be instituted at the medical aid again. (T’s and C’s apply)

Prosthetic Medical Aid Claims

We deal with most medical aids, the Road Accident Fund, the Workman’s Compensation Fund, Rand Mutual Assurance and many more. As soon as we have all the necessary documentation we will proceed with your claim – you don’t need to submit any quotations or claims yourself.