How we can help you

No two people’s needs and activity levels are the same and there are few things in life that require as much customisation as a prosthesis. Talk to us about your historical, current and desired activity levels, and we will strive to deliver a life-changing enhancement. Our practice uses the most recent technology and innovative solutions in order to secure the most comfortable functional prosthetic devices. We aim to make you reach your personal goals through the extensive prosthetic knowledge we have gained over more than three decades.

Our team is always willing to assist – whether you need a completely new prosthesis, an adjustment or basic information to help you live your best life. We value our relationship with each client, and we aim to develop lifelong alliances with you and your immediate family. We’re just a phone call away.

Our prostheses are manufactured in a quick and timely manner with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. Our aim remains to improve your quality of life.