Our team is always willing to assist – whether you need a complete new prosthesis, an adjustment or basic information to help you live your best life. We value our relationship with each client and we aim to developed lifelong alliances with you and your immediate family. We’re just a phone call away.

Our prostheses are manufactured in a quick and timely manner with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. Our aim remains to improve your quality of life.

Custom Silicone Liner

Do you experience pressure on bony prominences, a loose or tight-fitting silicone liner, excessive perspiration, durability issues with your liner, residual volume fluctuations throughout the day? Our patient feedback indicates that when making use of our custom-silicone-liners, most of these issues are reduced or eliminated.

Rheo XC Knee

Do you find it increasingly frustrating to walk over rough terrain? We have been trained and certified to fit the microprocessor-controlled Rheo XC Knee. It has been proven throughout the last few years to be a reliable prosthetic knee. This electronic knee enables exceptionally natural and effortless walking – even on difficult territory.

Genium X3 Knee

Do you find it difficult or impossible to shower, swim, descend or ascend stairs and slopes? The microprocessor-controlled Genium X3 knee is waterproof and designed to keep you safe and active during all these activities. A running mode makes it possible to partake in sports or jogging. We are certified to fit this product.

3R80 Knee

Are you a bit on the heavy side, and capable of walking with a prosthesis? Do you require a waterproof prosthesis? If your answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then the 3R80 Knee is for you. The 3R80 Knee is a waterproof hydraulic knee and is guaranteed to withstand a patient weight of up to 150kg. It is suitable for active users and allows a user to descend stairs step-over-step.

Pro-Flex LP Align Foot

Ladies and Gentlemen: do you stare at all the shoes in your cupboard that you can no longer wear? The Pro-Flex LP Align Foot is suitable for trans-femoral as well as trans-tibial users. It allows heel adjustment to accommodate various heel heights of different shoes. The unique three-blade design ensures a fluid and natural walking gait and offers exceptional toe-off energy after each step.

3D Scanning

Do you feel frustrated about the messy, time-consuming, uncomfortable and sometimes inaccurate process of plaster-of-Paris measurements? We make use of sophisticated 3D Prosthetic scanning to manufacture prosthetic moulds. This means we can scan and take measurements of an amputated leg with a precise level of accuracy.