110km trail in one holiday, Yusuf’s story

Buying a new pair of shoes can often be a daunting prospect. It is exciting but also usually the most uncomfortable thing you will wear for a week.

Being fitted for a prosthetic new leg is much the same experience, only associated with far more discomfort for much longer. This, however, is not the case anymore, as our Patient Yusuf recently experienced. Few patients understand the value of comfort more than Yusuf, who once used one of our sockets for ten years!

Yusuf has been an amputee since 1985 when he was seven years old after being hit by a bus. He visited the practice on the 9th of November for a refit and left for a holiday shortly afterwards.

Even more challenging than a new pair of shoes is the 55km Whale trail route. Within two weeks of receiving his new leg, Yusuf was so comfortable that he decided to take on the route with his family. After a gruelling 55km over five days, the only complaint he had was general fatigue as anyone would experience after such a journey!

Now one would expect him to have a relaxing rest for the remainder of his holiday, but Yusuf and his family decided to do it again!

So, while 110km in one holiday seems daunting and painful, Yusuf has proven that it can be a stimulating and pain-free experience. It was bringing him closer to his family, with the help of his prosthesis, living his life to the fullest.

Contact us anytime, and we can assist you with a leg that is truly focussed on comfort.