Beyond Discomfort: Transforming Lives with Above-the-Knee Prosthetics

Living with constant pain or discomfort caused by a prosthetic leg is a reality for many amputees. Year after year, they endure challenges, often unaware that a better, more comfortable option is available. At Marco Du Plooy Prosthetics, we recognise the struggle and believe in transforming lives through specialised above-the-knee prosthetics that reduce discomfort, empowering amputees to do and be all they desire.


The Unseen Struggle
Many amputees find themselves stuck in a cycle of discomfort, tolerating pain simply because it’s familiar. It becomes a part of their daily lives, and exploring other avenues may seem daunting. The reality is that some amputees may not even realise the extent of their discomfort until they experience a comfortable prosthesis.


Comfortable Living is Possible
At Marco Du Plooy Prosthetics, we challenge the notion that prosthetic discomfort is normal and must be endured. Our experience in above-the-knee prosthetics allows us to address the unique challenges that individuals in this category face. We understand the frustration of clothes chafing, groin pain associated with an ill-fitting prosthetic, and the constant need for replacements, and we’ve developed techniques to minimise these issues.


The Marco Du Plooy Difference

Quality and Quick Turnaround
Our commitment is to deliver quality prosthetics with a quick turnaround time. We understand the urgency and importance of having a well-fitted prosthesis promptly. Contrary to the misconception that speed compromises quality, through many years of experience, we can provide both. Sometimes, a well-fitting prosthesis can be delivered in less than a day, ensuring our clients experience comfort without delay.


Addressing Common Discomfort Issues
Above-knee amputees often face challenges beyond clothes chafing. Skin irritations are a common concern, and we tackle this by using quality silicone products and offering valuable advice for their prevention. Prosthetic fitting and alignment are crucial aspects of comfort. Our expertise ensures perfect alignment, allowing individuals to walk and run* comfortably with their prosthetics.


A Prosthetic That Feels Like You
A well-fitted prosthesis shouldn’t feel like an external addition. By using lightweight components and prioritising correct fitting and alignment, we aim to make the prosthesis an integral part of the user. It enhances mobility without the burden of constant awareness of its weight.


Customisation for Individual Comfort
Last but not least, we do our due diligence to eliminate any unwanted pressures within the prosthetic socket. If an amputee feels pressure on bony prominences during or after a test fitting, we address these issues through custom fabrication and fitting of a bespoke silicone liner. Our goal is to provide a prosthesis that fits well and enhances overall comfort.


Embracing Change for a Comfortable Future
If you’re an amputee living with discomfort, consider taking the plunge and exploring new possibilities. The comfort you’ve been longing for may be just a fitting away. Marco Du Plooy Prosthetics is here to guide you through the journey of embracing a more comfortable and fulfilling life with above-the-knee prosthetics.


Contact us today and break free from the cycle of discomfort. Your journey to comfort starts here.