How to overcome pain and rise to household tag champion. Lloyd’s story

Pain is one of life’s greatest inhibitors. It creates deep routed habits all serving one goal, avoid getting hurt further. But what happens when you choose life over pain, when you decide you want to claim your happiness and not let pain determine your days?

Lloyd has had to adapt to rapid changes in his life since 2013. Lloyd was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a crush injury to his lower leg. (We were able to assist him through his Road Accident Fund claim process.) Throughout the years, Lloyd underwent a total of 14 operations in an attempt to save the leg.

In 2017, Lloyd was referred to our practice by his nephew Stanley; the amputee featured in our Kilimanjaro story.

He opted to have his amputation done just three days after his wedding, Lloyd describes the amputation as the most painful experience of his life, but after one day, his pain diminished.

Many of his concerns were related to rehabilitation time, what level of comfort and activity he could expect. His goal was not to climb mountains but merely to be able to return to a pain-free life.

When he received his first prosthetic leg, he walked out the same day without crutches. Lloyd now proudly showcases his prosthetic leg and is often asked by his 5-year-old son’s friends if he is, in fact, Robocop?

He recently came in for a new prosthetic leg. It was a Friday – he was able to help his friends move on Saturday! The only pain he felt afterwards was the general fatigue we all know and loathe from moving.

Lloyd’s goals keep adapting, as he now races to beat his son at tag. He currently boasts that the lad will never catch him, and we endeavour to help this father keep his tag champion title. Whatever your goals may be, contact us for a consultation and let’s start your pain-free story.