Marco du Plooy Prosthetics leads the way from disabled to enabled

April marks Limb Loss Awareness Month, which serves as a reminder of the resilience and grit of amputees globally. Marco du Plooy Prosthetics is a leading force in the field of prosthetics and seizes this opportunity to champion inclusivity, accessibility, and education for amputees, promoting a supportive environment where they can thrive.

“Every April, Limb Loss Awareness Month prompts us to recognise not only the physical challenges but also the emotional, psychological, and social aspects faced by individuals with limb loss. It’s a time to uplift their voices, share stories of strength, and celebrate their achievements,” says Marco du Plooy, founder and visionary behind Marco du Plooy Prosthetics, as he reflects on his 34-year journey working closely with amputees.

Du Plooy recalls a time in the 90s when active amputee participation in sports was uncommon. “However,” he says, “the landscape has shifted drastically. Today, amputees are well-informed about prosthetic fitting, component selection, and various activities. Each individual’s journey is unique, marked by triumphs and challenges.”

Embracing diversity through prosthetic care

Limb Loss Awareness Month is not just about acknowledging obstacles. It’s about embracing diversity, promoting acceptance, and advocating for equal opportunities. “Through personalised care, education, and uncompromising support, we empower amputees to lead fulfilling lives,” Du Plooy says. “Together, let’s continue raising awareness, inspiring change, and supporting amputees on their remarkable journeys.”

The practice’s running clinic prioritises compassion in prosthetic rehabilitation. By listening to amputees’ experiences, addressing their needs, and endorsing their rights, the practice strives to create a more inclusive and active amputee community, as showcased in their work throughout the African continent.

“Limb Loss Awareness Month is a time when we should focus on uplifting amputees, sharing stories of strength, and recognising their accomplishments. It’s a moment to push for better healthcare accessibility and funding, celebrate prosthetic advancements, and build stronger support communities.”

About the practice

Marco du Plooy Prosthetics is a leading medical prosthetic practice dedicated to empowering amputees to live fulfilling lives. With over three decades of experience, the practice specialises in personalised care, education, and support, enabling amputees to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities. Marco du Plooy Prosthetics is committed to advocating for inclusivity, accessibility, and empowerment within the amputee community.

From disability to ability

Du Plooy approaches his work as a medical prosthetist with a clear mission: to deliver life-changing enhancements by deeply understanding each patient’s historical, current, and desired activity levels. He prioritises comfort, functionality, and improved quality of life, tailoring his approach to match each individual’s unique needs and goals.

In his practice Du Plooy uses state-of-the-art modern technology throughout the manufacturing, fitting, and rehabilitation processes, aiming to address all aspects of the prosthetic journey. By using advanced methods such as 3D scanning technology to manufacture prosthetic sockets and custom silicone liners, he ensures an optimal fit for each patient. This focus on accuracy reduces downtime and frustration, instilling confidence and enabling patients to continue their day-to-day lives with more ease.

Child amputees: chAMPS!

Du Plooy’s expertise expands beyond the adult amputee community to include child amputees. Here, he takes a caring and empathetic approach, supporting child amputees with the maintenance, repair and replacement of their prosthetics as they grow. This dedication gives parents and caregivers reassurance and trust that their children are in the right hands, and will be empowered to thrive and live their best lives.

Because of the innovative products, materials, and designs refined and perfected over the years, Du Plooy is able to provide lightweight, durable, and highly functional prosthetics to cater to all kinds of lifestyle requirements.

The journey from disability to ability is safe in the hands of Du Plooy. His personalised attention to all patients makes him a trusted name internationally, as he continues to deliver excellent care and transformative results.

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